Five young dancers wearing blue and red pennies and vibrant tights are falling to the floor DaNCEBUMS in our first performance. Photo: Farrington Llywen

DaNCEBUMS’ 7 Commandments for Collaboration

Earlier this week I was looking through my digital memory box. My heart was warmed when I found these seven commandments for collaboration DaNCEBUMS wrote when were were just starting our journey in 2013.

  1. There are no mistakes.
  2. Not everything is right.
  3. We are all different from each other.
  4. Love. Love. Love.
  5. Playing. You are always playing; witnessing is participating.
  6. We, as individuals, have natural authority.
  7. Talking can be a trap, have an escape plan. Bananas.

I think they hold up. What about you?

May 10, 2022 DaNCEBUMS Collaboration

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