About Me

I facilitate and produce futures projects at the intersection of people, place, and purpose.

My core expertise flows from my life as a choreographer—organizing space, time, and energy. Through making dances I learned to gather people with intention and purpose, get to what’s really happening, and figure stuff out to get stuff done.

I hold a MS in Strategic Foresight from the University of Houston, which means I’ve learned practical skills to help organizations learn about the future in order to anticipate and adapt to change.

I draw on both to amplify our capacity to collaborate and create a resilient society where everyone can thrive.

Projects with: SAP, UNDP Uzbekistan, Walker Art Center, Midway Contemporary Art, Bungalo Group, NorthernLights.mn, Red Eye Theater, Forecast Public Art, In the Heart of the Beast, Young Dance, and the Minnesota State Fair.

Co-founded: choreographic collaboration DaNCEBUMS, magazine Good Job, and artists’ cooperative Third Space.

What I do & How I do it

Gathering people with intention and purpose

Create an atmosphere where people feel safe to take creative and personal risks through serious contemplation and authentic play.

  • Planning and producing creative, cultural, and learning experiences
  • Initiating projects
  • Networking and socializing
  • Focus on connection and participation

Getting to what’s really happening

When things get tough we tend to narrow our focus. Widen the apeture with conversation, research, observation, and mindfulness. Each of us holds a piece of the past, present, and future. We have to put our pieces together to reach understanding before moving to action.

  • Communicating with compassion and candor
  • Perceptive listening and inquiry
  • Systems mapping and thinking
  • Identifying drivers of change, emerging issues, and opportunities
  • Scenario planning and analysis

Figuring stuff out to get stuff done

By working backwards from a goal, I turn a problem into a process. I look up how to,” I research, I try things out. If needed, I find partners with the skills I don’t.

  • Co-creation and creative collaboration
  • Backcasting
  • Project management
  • Process documentation