Kaleidoscopic view of people riding an escalator and exiting into a concrete plaza. Photo: Chris Barbalis, Unsplash

Why Foresight?

Foresight, also called futures research, is a unique field that brings together omnivorous research, systems thinking, analysis, and creativity. But to what end? What are the benefits of this practice?

Why do organizations use foresight?

Your organization may be in crisis, teetering on the edge of relevance.

Your organization may be riding high, looking for the next big bet.

Your organization may be operating in an uncertain environment, but you need to keep making progress.

Your organization is mission-driven and looking for the greatest possible leverage.

Your organization can’t agree on where you’re heading.

Map the possibilities. Influence what unfolds next.

A structured exploration of the future can lead to:

Shared understanding of the potential future landscape.

Innovative concepts for new products and services.

Identifying new markets that don’t exist yet — but will soon.

Capacity to anticipate and navigate change.

Leaders equipped to deal with surprises.

Teams aligned and fully behind the organization’s vision.

A robust strategy that is responsive to multiple futures.

Taking advantage of emerging opportunities.

Mitigating threats.

Catalyzing action.

Why did I choose foresight? Cultivating brighter futures.

It’s not hard to see that we’re a kaleidoscopic, polyphonic, heterogeneous society facing a slew of difficult problems.

As a foresight professional, I use:


research and analysis,




audience building,


imagining something new and making it real…

to help organizations working at the intersection of people, place, and purpose anticipate and adapt to change into order to create a future where everyone can thrive.

December 20, 2021 Foresight Process

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